Trees for impact

White Bird Foundation offers the opportunity to invest in (pecan) tree planting. As we plant trees in Southern Africa (Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa) we contribute to CO2 reduction whilst investing in sources of income for farmers. In doing so, we support both the environment as well as the local economy.


Trees are critically important to fight CO2 levels on the planet, as explained by David Attenborough’s film, “A Life on Our Planet. On average (depending on tree size and weight), one tree will be capable of binding 20 kgs of CO2 into the soil, per year. Not only will trees be able to “clean the air”. Also they are capable of regenerating the earth, as they insert nutrients back into the soil. Soil fertility improves and wild life flourishes. The Netflix documentary “Kiss the Ground” explains how. Since pecan trees live 40-80 years, the return on this investment is phenomenal.

Social impact

Smallholder farmers, adding these trees to their portfolio of crops, find a solid source of income as nuts can be consumed locally, but are also in high demand for global trading. Pecan trees start producing nuts, 5 years after planting, 0,5 kgs per tree per year. Their productivity will gradually grow to about 20 kg per tree around the age of 15. Nuts2 would be keen to buy the farmers’ nuts, providing access to the worldwide food markets. As reliable supply of nuts develops, Nuts2 would be happy to initiate local processing activity to create even more economic value, locally.

Trees will be planted at farms associated with Ebenezer Agricultural Training Center (Zimbabwe) as well as the Abba project in Zambia.

Contributions invited!

You’re invited to contribute to this program. To compensate your CO2 emission.

You can buy a pecan tree for € 21,=.

For €63,- you can buy 3 trees.


Want to plant 100 trees in Africa? That’s great! This absorb around 6000KG of CO2 and will cost €2100.


Tree CO2 absorption:

Yearly a tree absorbs about 15 KG of CO2. On average a tree excist for about 40 years.

15 x40= 600KG of CO2 absorption during the tree it’s lifespan.


The tree will also produce 1.200 kg of nuts, adding € 4.000 to the farmers’ income.


Want to learn more? Or buy some trees?

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Calculate your impact

Are you interested in buying trees, as a way to compensatie your personal or business’ CO2 emission?

1.000 return flight kilometers generate 360 kg of CO2. One pecantree absorbes about 600 kg’s of CO2 during it’s lifetime (conservatively estimated at 40 years).

At a cost of €21,= per tree, compensating a 1000 km return flight would cost €12,60,-.

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Alternatively, you can transfer your donation to WhiteBird Foundation, bank account number: NL95 ABNA 0465 7513 34, under description: “pecan planting CO2 compensation”